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Our “Join At No-Risk” Guarantee

Tradebank offers your business a no-risk guarantee: If we don’t bring your company new business in one year, we’ll refund your initial retainer fee – in full.

Business owners understand the value and importance of word-of-mouth advertising. How a customer feels about their experience with your company can mean the difference between having a new customer for the day, or multiple customers for life. Tradebank provides your business with an opportunity to expose your products or services to new customers on an ongoing basis. In addition, these new trade customers will inevitably talk about their experiences with their friends, family and colleagues, resulting in new cash business as well.

Often, the case in business it is not only what you know, but who you know that will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Tradebank offers several terrific networking opportunities for you to get your brand in front of an audience and the relationships that are built through Tradebank are invaluable. Make your company top of mind while meeting like-minded business owners within your community interested in improving their bottom line.

Not only can Tradebank make your business more profitable, but Tradebank can afford you the opportunity to enhance your lifestyle as well. Need a vacation for you and the family to recharge you batteries? Tradebank has a wealth of travel opportunities from the mountains to the beaches where virtually every aspect of your vacation can be done utilizing your Tradebank dollars. In addition to travel, you can spend your Tradebank dollars on routine medical expenses, home improvements, jewelry, fine dining and much, much more.

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The above named business entity hereby applies to become a Client of Tradebank International, Inc. (TI). Upon submitting this application, Client agrees to pay a $495 retainer fee. Client understands that the retainer fee includes the right to participate in TI’s trade system. Client agrees to pay TI a monthly service fee of $15 cash and a cash brokerage fee according to the client option selected on all purchases through TI’s trade system. In the event that TI fails to bring Client new trade revenue within (12) months after approval date, Client may cancel account within (30) days following the first (12) month period with written notice to TI and will receive a full retainer fee refund. If Client fails to accept new business in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of TI during the first (12) months, Client forfeits right to a retainer fee refund. Client has read the TI Client Agreement on the back side of this application or via a separate form provided to Client at time of acceptance of this agreement and the TI Rules & Regulations (separate form), acknowledges that they are acceptable and agrees to abide by them. The TI Client Agreement and TI Rules & Regulations can be found in the Library section at Client understands that final acceptance of this application shall be contingent upon the approval of the screening committee and category availability. If accepted, Client will receive client identification card(s) by mail.
By typing in your name, you agree that we can use your name and logged IP address as legal validation and it will be treated the same as a physical signature.
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